From live to life.

Brands and people live in a shared space, at the same time. We are all about making them talk to each other and interact with each other, to create spectacular stories. This is about much more than organising an event.

An event is never really just a project. It is a powerful means of communication.

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The new Synapsy website is online. A feed for live content.

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Incentive Events

Synapsy, from live to life. We celebrated one year of success with a special event at the Meravigli Gallery in Milan.

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Over two thousand people attended the ‘Know You Can Concert’, organised together by the Axa Italy Group and Synapsy.

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Synapsy è certificata ISO

Nel 2018 Synapsy S.r.l. ha ottenuto due certificazioni secondo gli standard previsti da ISOTg