Design - 04.02.2020

The new Synapsy website is online. A feed for live content.

Minimal. Immersive. Dynamic. Engaging. In one word, ‘alive’. Besides a dramatic restyling, our website is aimed at showcasing our online positioning and presence - ‘From Live to Life’.

We have set very clear, strategic goals for ourselves: being on top of things online, as well as having a more distinctive and clear online identity. Our approach works with both the event organisation industry and with the media & communication one. We’re not just talking about an appealing user interface – bringing together minimalism and dynamism, movement, for a colour contrast in the overall look. It is a synergy of different types of multimedia languages and contents.
What truly brings our website to life is its newly-defined user experience. Simple. Intuitive. Seamless. Our UI is guided by the same principles that we use for organising our events or communication projects. This UI will give users the possibility to roam freely, to explore, to interact with it, as well as to share more and to feel excited – just as our offline experience.

A holistic, ever-changing platform. And in real time, too.

Besides showcasing a growing show reel and an impressive case history, together with the profile and skills of our team, our website is truly a web engagement project. We’re not just featuring our projects here. We want to share information, news, and quirky stories about the events and communication industries – and much more. Not just a display, but also our strategic core. Thanks to engaging, high quality, and original content, our website will be getting more visibility and traffic – not just from our most loyal readers, but also from an across-the-board audience.

So, how do you bring a website to ‘Life’?

A truly alive website isn’t just about skillful designers – you need their energy and dynamism, too. This is how what you’re reading and looking at came about. Of course, we started out from an idea – or rather, more than one.


It may sound anachronistic, but even the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies started out with a blank page. These initial sketches defined a page layout overview. From there, we moved to choosing the colour palette, the info-design sections, as well as for all transitions, shapes, and icons.


After that, we digitalised these layout sketches – we transformed them into highly effective wireframes. Here our website designers took over, in order to define a logical, technical, consistent, and well-structured backbone, designed with the users’ fruition in mind.

Base wireframe


At this point, it was time to make it more visually appealing and to create an engaging user experience. This look is a perfect representation of the Synapsy identity. The total black ‘dress code’ enhances the colours from the videos forceful colours. We chose keywords that set a colour contrast and pierce through the screen, and we picked stylised geometrical shapes that are always in motion. A visual structure of great impact, which was created following a ‘mobile first’ approach.

We wanted to shape our web interface starting from mobile devices dynamics and formats. Intuitiveness and fluidity, not only in terms of visual perception, but also during the user experience of contents fruition and roaming.

Our home page opening immediately projects the user into the website, while also getting them involved – exactly like what we do with our offline projects.


We’ve left user retention and engagement up to the ‘News’ section, a small portal within our website where we keep posting fresh contents. We talk about our projects there, but we don’t stop there. We share and present contents with an editorial feel and a magazine style, encompassing all the sectors akin to the events and communication industries. We’ve got it all – cinema, music, art, design, travelling, and high-tech.