News - 20.11.2019

Over two thousand people attended the ‘Know You Can Concert’, organised together by the Axa Italy Group and Synapsy.

During this event, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, many high-profile musicians and performers took to the stage, such as Gué Pequeno, Rossella Brescia, and Luca Abbrescia. Some other highlights from the stage include Brenda Carolina Lawrence, Myriam Ayaba, Carmen Pierri, and Mike Baker.

Apart from the musical performance, the highlight of the joint announcement coming from the insurance group’s CEO Mr. Patrick Cohen, the Mayor of Milan Mr. Giuseppe Sala, and the architect Mr. Stefano Boeri about a financing amounting to €100.000 for one of the ForestaMi pilot projects. Over two thousand people became part of the night of the 17th of July at the Gae Aulenti square in Milan. The ‘Know You Can Concert’, a show of intertwining music and lights, had two main protagonists: young talent and commitment to the environment. The event was organised by the AXA Italy Group in collaboration with Synapsy, an agency specialising in creating event formats. More specifically, Synapsy worked on creating and executing the format, as well as dealing with official permits, implementing the stagecraft and artistic part of the event, while coordinating the overall direction.

During this event, there were many high-profile musicians and performers on stage, such as special guests Gué Pequeno, Rossella Brescia, and Luca Abbrescia. Some other highlights from the stage include Brenda Carolina Lawrence, Myriam Ayaba, Carmen Pierri, three performers who were launched into success by the musical talent The voice, Mike Baker, the winner of the young talents contest sponsored by AXA.

Besides artists and young talents, the event was also attended by the Mayor of Milan, Mr. Giuseppe Sala, who spoke about common challenges – being the environmental one the first and foremost challenge we face. Mr. Sala also underlined that today more than ever, thanks to each person’s individual talents, everyone can contribute to a more sustainable and better world.

During the event, the AXA Italy Group also announced their sponsorship for one of ForestaMi pilot projects. The Group is allocating a €100.000 fund for an urban forestry and tree-planting project, particularly outside of schools in the Milan Metropolitan Area.

The initiative is set within the framework of the ForestaMi project, which was launched in the autumn of 2018 by the Polytechnic University of Milan. Lead by Mr. Stefano Boeri, the scientific director for the project, who was also at the event, the ForestaMi initiative aims at improving air quality, green areas, and the plant fabric of the city. This urban forestry project entails planting a tree for each person living in the metropolitan area of Milan by 2030, thus reaching three million of new trees.

The AXA Italy Group’s choice to support schools with this project comes from the wish to contribute to building an environmental education programme, which is very important for Milan’s citizens.

“Milan is a symbol for innovation and sustainability. This is why we decided to organise a concert for this city, bringing together talent and the environment. We strongly believe that every one of us can contribute to the major challenges of our times, such as climate change, by putting our individual skills to the service of society. AXA wants to have a positive impact on society, and we are proud to be supporting the ForestaMi urban forestry project. Specifically, we chose to bring together the education of new generations with the environment by investing in a project aimed at making the areas outside of schools greener, while also engaging with the pupils during the project design phase”,said Mr. Patrick Cohen, CEO of the AXA Italy Group.

The Polytechnic University of Milan already mapped out the schools, which – through a contest – will be eligible for turning their outdoors space greener, embracing the urban forestry and tree planting project. A selection committee will assess the projects, and the winners will be announced on March 21st, 2020 on the International Forest Day.

“Planting trees, creating forests, and increasing the amount of plants along our roads, in our squares or courtyards, as well as on the roof or on the façade of our buildings – this is the cheapest, most effective and engaging way to slow down global warming, while also cutting down on pollution and cleaning up the air from fine particulates we are currently breathing in. Urban forestry is now on top of the agendas of the main metropolitan areas all over the world, from New York to Melbourne, Shanghai, and Paris. The Milan metropolitan area – with the goal of planting two million of trees by the 2026 Winter Olympics and reaching three million of planted trees by 2030 – is standing to become one of the main protagonist for a campaign aimed at reversing the trend of climate change in the world”, said Mr. Stefano Boeri, who works as an architect

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