The strength of an idea lies in its execution.
The strength of execution lies in the idea.

Progettiamo, organizziamo, realizziamo e comunichiamo:

Dinner Show • Team Building • Digital Communication • Campagne Multicanale • Events • Convention • Viaggi Incentive



Brands and products have benefits. However, in such an overcrowded market, benefits are no longer unique. They are no longer able to make an impression on people, unless you talk about them in an ever-changing way.

There’s only one way to turn products’ benefits into something unique: you have to talk about them in a way that’s never been done before.

Be it a service or a product, a brand is recognised because of what it does – it’s tangible proof of what’s behind it. Communication plays by one rule only: an idea works only if it can rely on the very best execution.

We look for innovative ideas, and we bring them together with a reliable content-production machine by leveraging new technologies. We even use tailor-made media content, so that we can turn every brand into a unique experience.



Strategy, Creativity, Planning

This is the very core of our ideas and strategy planning. We interpret briefings. We find insights. We define creative concepts. We find solutions for your style, your language, your message – in the right tone of voice – while planning your media campaign.

Event Production

Project management, Accounting, Production, Technology

This is the beating heart of organising an event. From budget allocation to setting up production, as well as getting the staff, the location, and all necessary props. We also take care of technology solutions for set designing, and let’s not forget performers scouting, light designers, and coordinators – we’ve got it all covered.

Content Factory

Video Production, Motion Graphic, Show Design

The Content Factory is the audiovisual contents editing and post-production lab, designed to support both our events and our communication campaigns. Professionals working in cinema, sound design and video production use the most innovative editing software, as well as 2D and 3D graphics and special Fxs, to make your project truly spectacular.

Brand Services

Brand Design, Digital, Social Media

This area is dedicated to enhancing and promoting brands in all of their style and message aspects. From traditional media ad campaigns to digital ones, we’ve got the most unexpected solutions under our belt – we’re talking ambient marketing, props, and guerrilla.


Logistic, Experience Design, Travel Design

This is our verticalised section, specialised in incentives experiences design, from company incentives to conventions. We build up your program by intertwining leisure and corporate times in your agenda. We recruit the staff, we pick your location, and we follow the logistics of the process step by step.