Be Pop, Be Popular

To mark the launch of the Moschino for H&M capsule collection, we set up a live activation event, which turned into a real-time multiple channels media. Starting from a teaser, social campaign, OOH ads, classic media campaigns, and a domination campaign in the subway, we brought to life three incredible setups. The idea behind those was to pay homage to a pop icon from the ‘80s – the Rubik’s Cube. The Cube setups were set up in three squares in Milan, and there was a social media campaign about them.

Much like in an unprecedented show room, people could get into one of the Cubes to discover and wear the HMoschino collection for the first time in Italy. They could also take pictures, which were then shown on the digital walls of the cube – they were not only just models but also testimonials of the two brands.

Our solution generated a significant and spontaneous social media following, supported by an Influencer Marketing strategy that allowed us to make this activity resonate even more.