Rock The Castle

A rock concert in a medieval castle – an infectious rhythm winding through mysterious and solemn spires. Two distant worlds meeting, transforming a location from another era into an unprecedented, astonishing stage. The event was commissioned by Vertigo – one of Synapsy’s partners, as well as one of the most influential names in the concert promotion industry. This event gave life to an enthralling and engaging experience that truly shook the grounds of the Villafranca Scaligero Castle, right outside of Verona.

The performers and musicians shared the stage with more than 60 figurantes dressed up in traditional costumes: there was everyone, from monks to knights, as well as jugglers, executioners, kings, and queens. The figurantes engaged with the audience, becoming true protagonists of this event on social media. This was a three-day event, preceded by a teaser campaign and branded with an exclusive ad-hoc logo.

Everything was meticulously taken care of – set design, props, sound-check, and live acts, everything was brought to life throughout the event, with engagement activities starring the figurantes and the performers. A fascinating and energising event, but also a sustainable and plastic-free one: we gave out reusable cups and free water to all participants.