We Never Stop

For this event, we brought different formats together: corporate meetings, a festival, a theme dinner, and a big, spectacular concert. UniCredit Bank guests spent two days to the sound of an icon of the music world – Queen. Starting from a corporate goal – making the brand’s values resonate, we created a highly engaging experience by getting the management, partners, and employees to step in.

This experience focused on the history and on the unique charisma of Freddy Mercury and his band. Their image, their voice, and their signature sound were the background both for leisure activities and for a more active engagement from the guests. Everything was set against the background of a scenographic, highly customised dinner space, and in the end, there was a magnificent concert. We set up an enormous stage on a huge area, starring three mega video walls, a sophisticated camera and light design structure, and a live orchestra. Two important players from the global music scene performed live and got the guests dancing and singing with them, by playing the most famous and well-known Queen’s songs.

Under the shining lights of our event, the singer and musician Marc Martel shone bright, too – the artist who gave their voice to the protagonist of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. And with him there was another well-known performer from the music world: Kerry Ellis, with her melodious and enthralling voice, a star from Broadway’s musicals.
Among the set designs, several videos evoked the band’s iconic discography – especially the spectacular Live Aid concert from 1985, while the music and vocal performance from the artists on stage mixed with the energy and voice of the audience, who danced and sang all Queen’s songs together with the artists.

More than an hour of pure entertainment, a true and heartfelt tribute to Freddy Mercury’s greatness, who embodies the Unicredit values and the feelings of its people, as well as the band’s historical fans, brought together by an unforgettable experience. Just like the Queen’s musical carrier.

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