Xtra Party

An amazing journey, a surprising and magical experience, which left our guests bewildered – as if they had been living through a contemporary version of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. To mark the 10th anniversary of the Salone del Risparmio, we created a celebration format completely out of the ordinary – ‘extra’ was our keyword. ‘Extra’, just like the company’s growth period, the operator’s performance, the figures, and the goals the company achieved in the financial industry. For this occasion, we tasked scenographers and choreographers with creating several corners with an evocative and immersive ambiance, based on the most widespread hot words from the finance sector.

The interactive settings came to life thanks to the actors performing there. All guests immediately became fascinated and truly became part in these settings.

A huge clock was projected on the walls of the venue, towering over it and setting the rhythm for the event and for the succession of moments. A really ‘extra’ party, where ‘normal’ became ‘giant’, set on the background of themed corners inspired by fairy tales and with dream-like aesthetics. The set design encompassed enlarged objects, performers with oversize costumes, and live shows following one another at the strokes of the clock.